National Autism Data Registry

Transforming Patient-Centered Care, One Relationship at a Time

NADR is BHCOE’s data registry, helping clinics, health systems and ABA practices measure and improve the quality of autism care they provide. More than just data collection, NADR is a comprehensive network of ABA care providers committed to ensuring evidence-based care, improving patient outcomes, and lowering healthcare costs.

NADR - National Autism Data Registry

Benefits of Participating

Participating in a data registry can provide several benefits for healthcare organizations

Improved Patient Outcomes

Quality Improvement

Cost Savings


Research Opportunities

Enhanced Quality of Care


Who Can Participate

Hospitals & In-Patient Treatment Settings


ABA Organizations


Our Platform

Built on well-defined, objective measures, our platform is designed with intention. Our platform is a dedicated system to collect, aggregate and visualize detailed insights about quality.

NADR client dashboard